This site is purely built up for my own pleasure and ego fulfillment.

Some of you may have known me (Neko of Nekos' Production, or simply Teyi Kung) from other circumstances or activities, nonetheless,

this site currently pretty much dedicated to the parallel painting and 3D modeling activities inspired by the Japanese Animation Series "Saint Seiya" only.

The data updates and maintenance will only be carried out within my schedule,

which means you may complain whatever you want,

but probably I still could afford no time to make any difference...

To summarize above,

For those who are not so confident in their own temper control

or those who are sensitive to homosexual or pervert topics

or those who are fed up with girls' day dreams

or those who do not appreciate unrealistic "Realistic Type Perfect Men"

or those who simply can not tolerate your favorite heroes to be abused and tortured

or those who have no clues at all what is "Saint Seiya"(or what I am talking about),

I feel my responsibility here is NOT TO RECOMMEND you to further exposures to the content of this site...

It is, of course, your freedom to continue, but please be well notified that you go ahead at your own risk from now on.